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Putting Words into Action: How Analytics Provides Real Savings for TPAs and Self-Funded Plans

  • Hosted by: Jessica Lockhart, product owner for VBAnalytics and Michelle Bounce, President of J.P. Farley Corporation
    Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2023
    Time: 2:00 pm EST
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Cost Transparency and Beyond with Healthcare Bluebook

  • Presented by: Bill Kampine, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer for Healthcare Bluebook
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How to Solve for Cost Transparency and the No Surprises Act by Partnering with Your Core Administration System

  • Presented by Mark Galvin, President and CEO of TALON Health
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Health Assessments Can Deliver Leading Data for Population Health Management

  • Presented by Andrew Lockerbie,
    Vice President, Health Plans for PDHI
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Discover True PBM Price Transparency

  • Presented by: Anthony Masotto,
    Vice President of Pharmacy Solutions at Drexi
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Payment Integrity in 2022 – Claims Editing to Fraud, Waste and Abuse Detection

  • Presented by: Dr. Steve Nesnidal, Vice President of Compliance at Context4 Healthcare
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