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May 12, 2021 at 1:38 PM
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GERMANTOWN, WI – May 13, 2021>


DignifiHealth brings convenient, 100% virtual healthcare providers to VBAGateway,
helping employees through every step of their healthcare journey


Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA) and DignifiHealth, leading-edge healthcare software companies, partner to make accessing telemedicine easier for employees.

Adding DignifiHealth’s telemedicine solution, DignifiCare, to VBAGateway makes it simple for employees and their families to directly access virtual healthcare services within their member portal, connecting with board-certified providers without the hassle of traveling to appointments or waiting in offices.

“DignifiCare is the virtual healthcare solution we’ve been waiting for,” said Jessica Lockhart, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions of VBA. “In today’s world, you need a telemedicine solution. Telemedicine helps ensure patients receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time. With our partners at DignifiHealth, we’re able to offer a simple way to access the benefits of virtual care without the hassle of logging into another platform.”

Integration with VBAGateway puts access in the hands of those who need it most. Employees can use VBAGateway to access DignifiHealth’s virtual healthcare needs starting from diagnosis, to ongoing visits, to treatment plans and follow-up. With 24/7 instant access to doctors and a less than 60 second wait time, Telemedicine powered by DignifiCare helps keep employees healthy, happy and productive.

“Working with VBA has greatly expanded our ability to empower patients through every step of their healthcare journey,” said Richard Queen, Chief Product Officer of DignifiHealth. “We have always believed that getting sick or staying healthy shouldn’t be an inconvenient experience, and VBA’s powerful technology solutions allow us to put our virtual healthcare to work for more people.”

To learn more about VBAGateway, VBA’s cloud-based service platform that connects members, providers, employers and brokers, or DignifiHealth’s virtual healthcare provider that handles every step of the healthcare journey, contact us today at




About Virtual Benefits Administrator

Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA) is a proactive, leading edge software company providing a comprehensive suite of solutions to the insurance industry. VBA provides a secure, cloud-based common architecture for all lines of Benefit Administration. Our software development process focuses on continuously delivering solutions that address the requirements of the ever-changing healthcare industry, so clients can confidently support their evolving business strategies and growth. Learn more about VBA at


About DignifiHealth

DignifiHealth was established to bring community healthcare into the 21st century and provide better care to patients globally. Data and tech have taught us that we can move away from legacy models and provide quality healthcare at affordable pricing, anywhere and anytime, and place patients at the center of their own personal health management. For more information, please visit

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